Outsourced COO/Operations Management Services

Efficient and comprehensive operations is integral to the success of any business. Having well defined operational procedures in place that contemplate your business, the environment in which it operates, and the regulations to which you may be subject is critical to achieving operational efficiency, mitigating risk and ensure compliance with any applicable covenants, regulations, etc. Failure to do so can result in errors or violations that can prove catastrophic and jeopardize the future of your business.

Does strategic outsourcing make sense for your business?

  • Are you lacking the expertise to ensure that you fully understand and are compliant with the operational requirements of all regulations to which you are subject?
  • Do you need an operations review to improve processes/controls or efficiencies?
  • Do you need assistance identifying qualified counterparties or negotiating terms?
  • Have you made an assessment of all covenants/restrictions to which you are subject, and have you implemented controls and procedures to ensure related compliance?
  • Are your funds operating in accordance with the terms of their offering documents?
  • Does your third-party administrator require oversight?
  • Are subscription and redemption requests being timely and properly processed?
  • Would you benefit from a strategic partner, a sounding board in making critical business decisions?
  • Are you maximizing the earnings on your idle capital?
  • Do you need assistance with a fund launch?
  • Are you certain that your operational procedures will satisfy the most discerning investor or due diligence professional?
  • Are your marketing materials properly prepared within all relevant industry guidelines?
  • Are your investors requests for information being timely and properly responded to?

The Beacon Consulting Group Solution

Beacon Consulting Group brings more than 15 years of experience in the management and direction of operations. We are equipped to provide professional operational management as an outsourced COO or to work with our clients’ management team to supplement and enhance in-house capabilities in specific areas as required. Beacon Consulting Group​ has particular expertise in operations of asset management firms, drawing on our team’s experience as COO for a registered investment advisor, commodity pool operator and commodity trading advisor. We can help you build a control environment to support operational, financial and regulatory compliance. We work with clients in all stages of growth – from start-up through dissolution. Our expertise and resources provide clients with cost-effective solutions to complex issues.

Beacon Consulting Group​’s process begins by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each clients’ business and the environment in which they operate. We then assess areas of concern/need in conjunction with evaluating existing internal staff capabilities to develop a customized solution that will add value, provide the highest quality of service and produce maximum results.


Beacon Consulting Group’s Service Offerings

  • Outsourced COO Services
  • Collateral and Cash Management
  • Counterparty Due Diligence Reviews
  • Counterparty Selection/Referrals/Price Negotiations
  • Counterparty Management – Ongoing Oversight
  • Banking & Brokerage Account Openings
  • Liaise with Your Bankers, Brokers, Attorneys, Auditors, Clients, Vendors, etc.
  • IMA Review
  • Service Contract Review
  • Middle & Back Office Support Services
  • Trade Flow Process Review & Support
  • Trade Reconciliation
  • Operational Procedures Assessment
  • Side Letter & Covenants Review
  • Fund Launch Management
  • Third Party Administrator Oversight
  • Third Party Administrator Periodic Onsite Review
  • Attend Operational Due Diligence Conferences
  • Due Diligence Questionnaire Preparation/Review
  • Investor Reporting Review
  • Review Audit Engagement & Rep Letters, Negotiate Fees
  • Review Tax Engagement Letters, Negotiate Fees
  • FATCA Support
  • Marketing Materials Review
  • Separately Managed Account Launch Facilitation
  • Corporate Good Standing Assurance
  • Corporate Resolutions/Minutes
  • Strategic Business Partner – Available for Ongoing Consultation and Planning
  • Transitional Services – quickly fill a void left by a critical staff departure