Outsourced CFO, Accounting & Tax Services

Timely, accurate and meaningful financial reports and analytics are critical to informed decision making in pursuit of financial success. Financial and regulatory reporting requirements are constantly evolving and have increased tremendously in recent years fueled by heightened government regulations and investor demands for greater transparency. Accounting rules, financial reporting disclosures and tax reporting requirements have expanded and are growing more complex. All of this has placed a heavy burden on investment advisors/business owners to remain current and understand all applicable rules and regulations in order to produce accurate financial reports, ensure compliance and satisfy investors’ expectations.

Does strategic outsourcing make sense for your business?

  • Are you lacking the expertise to assess whether you are properly addressing all applicable regulatory rules and related periodic reporting requirements?
  • Have you parsed through all relevant regulatory reporting guidance and sufficiently understand it to properly complete all required periodic regulatory reports?
  • Are you confident that your financial statements are properly prepared, contain all required information and disclosures, and will meet with the satisfaction of your investors/lenders?
  • Do you have the internal capabilities to run shadow NAV calculations to ensure that your administrator is properly calculating the NAV, including proper valuation of fund investments, and that all is being done in accordance with offering document requirements?
  • Can you provide the proper oversight to facilitate timely completion of the year-end fund audit or could you benefit from audit liaison services?
  • Are your internal daily and monthly account reconciliations being performed timely and properly, ensuring that all potential trade breaks are resolved quickly?
  • Do you need assistance with fund wind down or liquidation?
  • Have you assessed the universe of required tax reporting and are all required tax returns being properly reviewed/prepared?
  • Are you following the proper allocation protocols as prescribed in the fund’s LPA to ensure investor K-1s are being properly and fairly generated?
  • Are your financial systems failing to provide meaningful, accurate, timely information/analytics needed to support sound decision making?
  • Do you need a CFO but either can’t afford to hire one or only require services on a part-time basis?
  • Does your accounting/finance staff require oversight, coordination or development?
  • Are you too involved in the management of accounting/finance functions and need to re-focus your time and attention?
  • Are you looking to maximize profitability and reduce costs/inefficiencies?
  • Are you selling your business but need your financials put in order to accurately portray your company’s value?

The Beacon Consulting Group​ Solution

Beacon Consulting Group brings more than 30 years of in-depth experience in the areas of financial reporting, regulatory reporting, reconciliation, valuation and tax both as a CPA and CFO. We are equipped to provide professional financial management across all these areas as an outsourced CFO or to work with our clients’ management team to supplement and enhance in-house capabilities in specific areas as required. While Beacon Consulting Group has particular expertise in the area of hedge funds and alternative investments, we have experience in many other industries. We work with clients in all stages of growth – from start-up through dissolution. Our expertise and resources provide clients with cost-effective solutions to complex issues.

Beacon Consulting Group’s process begins by gaining a comprehensive understanding of each clients’ business and the environment in which they operate. We then assess areas of concern/need in conjunction with evaluating existing internal staff capabilities to develop a customized solution that will add value, provide the highest quality of service and produce maximum results.


Beacon Consulting Group’s Service Offerings

  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • Outsourced Accounting Services – monthly, daily, as required
  • Financial Statement Preparation (GAAP)
  • Master/Feeder Fund Financial Statement Preparation/Review (GAAP)
  • (knowledgeable in NFA, Cayman Island Monetary Authority & Irish Stock Exchange Reporting Requirements)
  • Audit Liaison, Audit Support and Report Preparation
  • Financial Statement Disclosures
  • Present to the Board of Directors or Audit Committee
  • Security Valuations
  • Futures/Hedge Fund Accounting/Valuation/Reconciliation
  • Shadow NAV Calculations/Administrator Oversight
  • Fund Offering Document Review re Proper NAV Calculation
  • Financial Reporting System Assessment/Development
  • Performance Data Calculation/Review
  • Internal Control Development/Assessment
  • Oversee/Direct/Develop Accounting/Finance Staff
  • General Ledger Maintenance
  • Cash and Security Account Reconciliations
  • Management and Performance Fee Calculations
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • KPI & Financial Results Analysis
  • Cost Control & Analysis
  • Manage Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Fund Wind Down
  • Fund Liquidation Distributions
  • Final NAVs
  • Fund Liquidation Audit Support/Report Preparation
  • Prepare Tax Return Support Packages
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • K-1 Allocations
  • LPA Review re Fair/Proper K-1 Allocations
  • Final Fund Tax Returns
  • P&L Tax Character Evaluation/Classifications
  • S Corporations Returns
  • FBAR Filings
  • Form 8886
  • Form 5471
  • 1099 Filings
  • Business Tax Registration
  • Transitional Services – quickly fill a void left by a critical staff departure