Beacon Consulting Group strategically partners with clients to provide outsourced full-service finance & accounting solutions, as well as tax, operations management, and regulatory compliance services. Beacon Consulting Group’s focus is to maximize value to our clients by utilizing our expertise to tactically and efficiently provide exceptional service, customized to your specific requirements. The experience we bring is comprehensive, spanning more than 30 years and covering all key financial, operational, and compliance functions, with particular expertise in the operations and oversight of private funds. Professional financial management is an area where we can add significant value across all major functions including internal controls, financial reconciliation and reporting, and tax. Beacon Consulting Group is seasoned in all stages of operations, including start-up, ongoing operational/financial growth and support, and wind-down and liquidation. We know how to build a control environment that supports operational, financial and regulatory compliance. With extensive knowledge and expertise around NFA registration and the related ongoing financial/operational requirements, we can prepare the required periodic regulatory reports, as well as provide support to ensure ongoing compliance and for regulatory examinations. Beacon Consulting Group also has experience with SEC registration and related requirements, including ongoing development and oversight of a full-scale compliance program. We are attuned to risk mitigation and can utilize our broad experience to identify and advise on areas requiring improvement.  Beacon Consulting Group is fully committed to each client’s success and works diligently to achieve all engagement objectives.